A special thanks to the parents we met at the Beijing Maker Faire

Dear Parents,Thank you for coming to our booth at the Beijing Maker Faire this past weekend! It was a real pleasure to meet you. In fact, one encounter really left a deep impression on me, which I want to share with you below.Thank you for listening to our message about how families can enjoy 3D printing. Like you, we also have young children and we want the best that life can offer them. Like you, we know there is so much technology available now and so we need to find a way to use it wisely.CSC_3556As one of you so articulately noted, passively watching endless hours of on-line videos is not the best way to using the latest hi-tech. Instead, it’s far better to find a way to stimulate the brain while developing analytical skills. This can apply to both children and adults. 3D modeling with 3D printing is a great way to do this because you are starting from a blank platform, literally building something from nothing.DSC_3612One boy spent a particularly long time at our demo station, working on model after model, even though he was new to the software. His dad hunched over next to him in the crowded and loud corridor, giving him guidance. This went on for quite some time.When the boy finished, I managed to speak to him. He was the personification of shyness. I had to urge him to raise his voice several times just to hear his name. After they left, it struck me that the coaching the dad was providing his son was also a way to encourage his son to develop more self-confidence using 3D models as a new form of self-expression. If the boy can crack the software, maybe he can emerge from his shell. I really hope I can keep in touch with this family so I can see this boy fly.I also hope we can all keep in touch! Thanks again for coming!