Add 3D Printing classes to your curriculum.

No matter their skill level, our 3D courses allow children age 8 and up to quickly learn the tools and techniques needed to express their creativity and learn basic math and physics concepts. State-of-the-art 3D printers bring their ideas to life and give them the experience of developing toys, jewelry, or science experiments that force them to think through design decisions and their application in the real world.

Easy-to-use, web-based 3D modeling software runs on your school’s laptops or Chromebooks.

3D Roundhouse’s early entry into 3D modeling for 3D printing in primary education has provided us with a robust set of projects that have been vetted by hundreds of students worldwide:

  • Includes over 16 different starter projects designed to familiarize students with the concepts, navigation, and tools used to create robust 3D models that can be printed with minimal fuss

  • 3D Roundhouse staff come from a mix of professional science, engineering, and mobile entertainment backgrounds, allows them to connect projects with your science plan and make lessons fun and engaging