The Power Of Questions

I have a terrible news for you……and your kid:He will probably be among the 98% of the population labeled “uncreative” when he reaches the age of 25.Your kid was likely almost 100% creative when he was a baby. But he is slowly drifting to join the vast majority of the population who are largely uncreative.To be more precise, I am talking about the change that will occur in your child's way of thinking in 98% of the time before he reaches the age of a young adult. I am talking about what the CEOs of many companies research in their top employees: this ability that some people have to create products and companies that had great value to the lives of their employees and customers. I am talking about what makes the difference between an average life and an awesome life.Brain questionWhat you are about to discover is the fact that it is not that difficult to stay in the creative part of the society: i.e. these 2% of the population that will continue to make the difference in the future, personally and professionally. If you and your kid do it consistently, you will enjoy a great life.The regular school system forces you to think IN THE BOX, otherwise you get bad grades. Sadly, the vast majority of teachers have no time anymore to dig into the creative part of their students. For sure many would love to, but they have to follow the program if they want to finish it on time.Today I give you the tool to use extensively with your kid. It’s a simple but very powerful one:Make him ask as many questions as possible. Any subject is fine as long as it forces him to think and search OUT OF THE BOX.And don’t worry if you don’t have the correct answer for every question. Search the solution together. Ask him back to imagine a solution by himself. Make it a game. Your kid will love it, you too! You will exercise creative thinking. And if sometimes you go deeper, his critical thinking will improve greatly too.How electricity worksIt’s one of the best ways for you to give him the ability, in a not so far future, to solve problems that nobody else has been able to solve before, simply because he will be among the 2% who can think OUT OF THE BOX.As always, your comments are warmly welcomed on our Facebook page or directly on 3droundhouse.comHave a great day!