3D打印暑期集训营(北京站) 3D Printing Summer Boot Camp in Beijing

2019年8月17-18日两天我们携手张飞打印工作室在北京某高校艺术设计学院内举办“3D打印暑期集训营 3D Printing Summer Boot Camp”,欢迎年龄在8-16岁的青少年们踊跃报名参加(家长朋友们也欢迎陪同参与)!

3D Printing Summer Boot Camp! The summer holiday is coming, which is that children can’t wait to spend. But in addition to letting children relax and rest, are parents also trying to find some meaningful and cool activities for them?

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Who are the students in my 3D Printing classes?

At a handful of schools and maker spaces in Hong Kong, I teach a paid, after school class for students interested in the STEAM subjects. The class is quite popular. In the most recent school term, 65 students applied for 36 seats. I guess I must be doing something that has really struck a chord with these students. So who are they? 

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先与大家分享一个真实的故事,通过此故事你会得到一些启发,或许可以知道如何扩大自己的现金流,从而助你尽早达到财务自由。Gary Adams一直是一名爱创造的达人。因此,当他嘈杂的露营炉扰乱了他的户外体验时,他决定采用自己的方式去解决这个烦人的小麻烦。在这里,Gary谈到BernieDawg 野营炉如何开始以及他如何使用3D打印来扩展他的作品。

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