3D打印暑期集训营(北京站) 3D Printing Summer Boot Camp in Beijing


2019年8月17-18日两天我们携手张飞打印工作室在北京某高校艺术设计学院内举办“3D打印暑期集训营 3D Printing Summer Boot Camp”,欢迎年龄在8-16岁的青少年们踊跃报名参加(家长朋友们也欢迎陪同参与)!




3D Printing Summer Boot Camp 

The summer holiday is coming, which is that children can’t wait to spend. But in addition to letting children relax and rest, are parents also trying to find some meaningful and cool activities for them?

If you are still looking for some English classes, dance classes, calligraphy classes or similar traditional ones for your children, then you are already out-of-date. Believe it or not, the western schools have already put the STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) into their educational system, and they set 3D Printing as a teaching platform or methods to motivate and improve their students’ creativities, critical thinkings and comprehensive intelligence!  

This time, we 3DRoundhouse teamed up with “Zhang Fei 3D Printing Studio” to bring children a two-day summer boot camp for 3D printing. Our camp venue is arranged in the art and design colleges of a university where is able to provide children a lovely artistic atmosphere for better learning the basics of 3D printing (3D modeling design and use of 3D printing pens).

Through this upcoming training camp, children can mainly get the following gains:

  1. 3D modeling design basics

  2. Use of 3D printing pen

  3. How does the 3D printer work?

  4. Mathematical thinking abilities (Especially the spatial layout and application of solid geometry)

  5. Critical thinking and spatial intelligence

  6. Creativity and problem solving skills

  7. Language ability (Chinese and English bilingual teaching)

Welcome to join our two-day “3D Printing Summer Boot Camp” on August 17-18, 2019. For details and sign up, please click the link below to find out: https://weidian.com/item.html?itemID=2827163154&spider_token=9159&wfr=c&ifr=shopdetail

For any questions, please email us to workshop@3droundhouse.com

Thank you for your time and interest!