8 Sessions per month

Mondays & Wednesdays

Hong Kong / Beijing time: 5-6pm

Requirements: Chrome or Firefox


Live • online:

Beginner 3D Printing Classes: Modeling for 3D Printing

Crafts, Gadgets, Toys, Cosplay & Gifts!

From 0 to 3D Printing in one course!

Live instructors to guide your work for printing

This 3D printing class is for students of any age who want to bring their ideas to life with 3D printing!

Many of you may have already seen 3D printers at work. Maybe you’ve even downloaded and printed a 3D model. But now you want to make something different. Something your own.

We’ve designed a 4 week course with 2 sessions per week, that will kickstart you on your way to create whatever you want — all using freely available tools and services! Not only will we teach you how to use 3D modeling software, we'll also teach you the basics of modeling for 3D printing — how to design around the limitations of common printing technologies and achieve great printed results!


After years of teaching in private workshops to over 600 students, we have distilled the basics of 3D modeling into eight simple and easy to follow classes that allow students to express their own ideas in a new print every lesson. Our class features holiday themes as well as 3D modeling challenges to maximize student engagement. It’s an ideal STEAM class as 3D printing helps you understand more about applied mathematics, physics, and product design.