Your child already has a professional problemYour child already has a problem with his job. “What???” are you thinking, ”My child is still at school. How is it possible that he already has a problem with his job?” PROBLEM NUMBER 1:Think about it. About 98% of CEOs and HR managers have already huge difficulties to find the employees they are craving for (and at all skill levels!). They find lots of applicants with technical proficiency but most of them lack the skills required for success in the labor market of the 21st century at all employment levels and in all sectors.PROBLEM NUMBER 2:Furthermore, a bigger problem is coming, something that will be a major earthquake in the years to come. According to studies in many countries, up to 65% of the jobs that will be available in less than 10 years have not been invented yet. It is a major problem for every country and everybody. From CEOs and HR managers to schools, students and parents. Can you imagine what the situation will be when your children will enter the work market? It will be even more than that.from-that-onePROBLEM NUMBER 3:Schools are supposed to teach our children the skills they will need to have a great professional life and an enjoyable personal life, right? OK, but for several reasons it seems that they are already inefficient in preparing our kids for the current work market. So, what will they do if so many changes occur and up to 65% of the jobs are brand new with no up-to-date curriculum delivered with them?PROBLEM NUMBER 4:Many of you parents are already thinking that your children will endure a more difficult life than the one you have. You have numerous doubts about the future for your descendants. And kids can feel it! (Which is not a good thing…)SO WHAT?I am sure some of you have a lump in the throat while thinking about all these rocks on the road of your kids’ lives. Is there a solution to ease the future of our loved ones? What can we do as parents? Can we do something?Greenfield Village Dearborn, MichiganI think so. Real Employability skills are one of the keys. I will tell you more next week. (Hint: perhaps a huge increase of STEAM in your child’s engine could help a lot?)Enjoy your day and see you next week for the answer.