How are your child’s “portfolios of creative works” coming along?

Quora, the website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users, recently sent a series of questions to Salman Khan, Founder of the Khan Academy, on the very important issue of education. Here is one of the questions I found the most relevant to my own situation, as I have a six year old child, where he mentions "portfolios of creative works."How will education change in the next 10 years?Competency Based CredentialsToday’s high school and college diplomas are based more on how much time you spent in class rather than what you are actually capable of. This is why colleges and employers see so little information in traditional diplomas/transcripts and, instead, turn to things like standardized exams, peer assessment and portfolios of creative work.I think that in 10 years, you will have globally recognized credentials that are independent of any individual academic institution. In order to achieve them, you need to prove skill competency, have great peer reviews, and have an impressive portfolio (I believe that you should have a portfolio regardless of what you want to do in life). Building “portfolios of creative works” makes a lot of sense to me, particularly the “creative” part. I think most parents, myself included, hope their child can develop into his or her own person. There should be a strong sense of self worth and independent thinking as he or she builds some type of career. Given this, I also think 3D modeling and 3D printing could be an excellent tool to create such portfolios!Imagine how a college or job application would stand out if a child has a portfolio of 3D printed product prototypes, which she has worked on for the last 5-10 years. Each item would have its own evolution story where the child could explain herself. The items can be from different industries – for a school application – or one specific industry – for a job application. If the job is in a service industry, the creative aspect of the portfolio can be reviewed. But ultimately and most importantly, this "portfolio of creative works" would be an excellent tool for both interviewer and interviewee to see if they are suitable for each other. Thanks Mister Khan for your excellent idea! 

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